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Krown Design Web and Mobile Presents ArtisticCanine.Com

Artistic Canine Grooming by Krown Design

I would like to thank Suzi Thompson of Artistic Canine Grooming here in Springfield, Illinois, for choosing Krown Design to create her online presence. Visit ArtisticCanine.Com for all of your pet grooming needs. If you are interested in making a professional online impression be sure to visit Krown Design Web and Mobile to start your…
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In today’s ‘I’m an American therefore I am offended’ news… Target is under fire over a sweater. Happy Vet’s Day to those deserving. Sorry you fought for a country full of pussies.


Apparently there’s a huge uproar about the new holiday cups at Starbucks. “They’re assassinating Christmas.” Either drink it or shut the fuck up already.

Tattoo Session: Right Upper Sleeve

Brian McCormic, Aaron Patrick

Yet another beautiful piece I recently obtained from Brian McCormic of Redbird Electric Tattooing here in Springfield, Illinois. My poor Fu Dog has been living all these years underneath that disgrace above him. To be fair, the trash came first. This is all still a work in progress, I just wanted the mainly offensive part…
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