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Body Modification

John R. Brinkley, Goat Testicle Doctor

Has your male organ been feeling sluggish as of late? Perhaps you need some implanted goat testicles. I’m sure back in the day “Doctor” John R. Brinkley could pencil you in for the procedure. Check out his story below. John Romulus Brinkley (later John Richard Brinkley; July 8, 1885 – May 26, 1942) was a…
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White Ink Tattoos

‘WHITE INK TATTOOS: GOOD OR NO GOOD?’ “We hate to break it to you, but No. White ink tattoos are no good at all. Professional Tattoo Artists would not recommend it (they don’t want to tattoo it), and even if you’re convinced that the “scar” effect looks cool, it wouldn’t stay that way for long….
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Instagram Findings: Vain Jayne Tattoo

“The stunning face of Vain Jayne on my thigh, made by Ivan Stankov (tattoohanz) 2011” – Nina via instagram/mf_gurcholina It’s always indescribably cool stumbling across stuff like this. You can see more photos and the back story on this tattoo HERE.

Girls With Tattoos And Piercings Are Broken

HAHAHAHA The answer is in the article. If a woman complains that you aren’t “banging” her hard enough well guys, it’s probably because it’s true. Someone with a very small penis and a chip on his shoulder obviously authored this. He goes on to say, “What kind of girl would be comfortable lying down half-naked…
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