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Tamara Wilson, Ramapo Sales & Marketing Scam

What a fucking mess. So I was contacted via text message about 2 weeks ago. The person on the other end claimed to be a deaf woman by the name of Tamara Wilson. She was inquiring about Krown Design services and whether or not I could work with her via messages because of her ailment. I told her no problem, just email me the details. She sent an email with links to websites she liked and all the typical stuff clientele come to me with and what company she was with, tons of information. I told her to send deposit through Paypal – you don’t even have to have an account to send payment to anyone. She said she couldn’t use Paypal because of some sort of account issue. She then asks if I can accept payment through two other online Paypal type sites. I refused. I told her to send me a money order…
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Krown Design Congrats Steve Rannazzisi

A huge congrats to my client @SteveRannazzisi for getting his own special on Comedy Central!! m/ #krowndesign #webdesign #comedycentral — Krown Design (@KrownDesign) September 8, 2015 Check out Steve HERE Contact KROWN DESIGN WEB & MOBILE to start your professional online presence today. Projects of all sizes are welcome! XoXoX,

White Ink Tattoos

‘WHITE INK TATTOOS: GOOD OR NO GOOD?’ “We hate to break it to you, but No. White ink tattoos are no good at all. Professional Tattoo Artists would not recommend it (they don’t want to tattoo it), and even if you’re convinced that the “scar” effect looks cool, it wouldn’t stay that way for long. Here’s why…” READ ARTICLE: I have to say this article is bullshit. I’ve had a medium/largish white tattoo on my arm since the fall of 2002. It is one of the most visible tattoos I have when the stage lights hit it during shows. It does look like a brand/scarification which is the effect I was going for. It has held up throughout the years with no issue. So to say that “white ink tattoos are no good” is pretty irresponsible. Pick someone worth a shit to do it. Just like any other tattoo, you get what you pay…
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Krown Design: Paul C. Morrissey on WBNG News

Krown Design’s featured on WBNG news after Paul’s performance on the David Letterman Show. Find more at KROWNDESIGN.COM #krowndesign #webdesign #webdevelopment #paulmorrissey #paulhasawebsite #vainjayne

Sam Tripoli on Krown Design

Thanks again Sam Tripoli! Find more at KROWNDESIGN.COM #krowndesign #webdesign #webdevelopment #samtripoli #thenaughtyshow #vainjayne

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