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Elegant Decay Collection, Butterfly Pendant Prototypes

Prototypes of things to come. Keep an eye out on #butterfly #butterflywings #butterflypendant #pendant #ooak #butterflyjewelry #art #jewelery #vainjayne #monarchbutterfly #paintedlady #paintedladies #elegantdecay

Victorian Mourning Locket – Elegant Decay by Vain Jayne

Victorian inspired Mourning/Life Celebration Locket by Vain Jayne. For more info and photos of my artwork visit the art galleries: HERE A Tidbit of History Some of the most interesting examples of mourning jewelry included hairwork, which describes bracelets, necklaces, and rings made from woven human hair. The hair was not necessarily from the deceased—in the middle of the 19th century, 50 tons of human hair a year was imported into England for use by the country’s jewelers. To create a connection to a deceased loved one, their initials were often discreetly woven into the object. Lockets were also popular. Some contained a lock of the deceased person’s hair. Other lockets held a photo of the departed. The photo lockets were actually descendants of miniature portraits, which had been very popular early in the century and had historically been used in mourning jewelry to honor deceased monarchs. Carved cameos or silhouettes were another way to…
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Photography Featured in New MAG Music Video

Vain Jayne Photography featured in the new MAG music video. Get some!! The 3 piece punk band MAG from Springfield Illinois (Grandview) video for the song “Redneck” from the album SuperAdolescent. *Available on I-Tunes and Amazon* For more on this and other photos visit PHOTO.VAINJAYNE.COM – New Site + New Store. Buy prints online via REDBUBBLE/VAINJAYNE XoXoX,

Vain Jayne Photography All New + Online Merch

Select pieces are now available in my online store via REDBUBBLE/VAINJAYNE You can also view all prints for sale HERE. Currently I am offering photographic prints, art prints, framed art prints (pricey but for good for those of you who never get around to framing things), smaller prints available in postcard prints and greeting card sizes. Each piece is printed on high quality archival paper and all orders are handled through Redbubble.

Elegant Decay gives you Voodoo Rococo Yum!

Introducing two new pieces recently completed featuring some skull and bone sweetness. If you are interested in having a custom piece designed just for you, please contact me for details HERE Visit the the rest of my galleries HERE Lepus Du Jour Voodoo Child Enjoy! #art #elegantdecay

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