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Plus-Size Pinup – The Glory of Gluttony

TATTOOED PLUS-SIZE PINUP TESS HOLLIDAY‚ÄôS FIRST AGENCY SHOOT Soooo sick of reading the comments on this shit posted on fakebook. This woman did not do this photo shoot to “help other people with body issues”, she got paid. Other people say she’s “owning her body” well let me tell you that body she’s “owning” is going to own her in about 5 more years when she starts losing appendages from Type 2 Diabetes. There is nothing healthy or positive in this message. Yes it’s wonderful that the world is lightening up on people who happen to be over weight, but let’s not get stupid about the fact that THIS is just as disturbing as an anorexic. Yes, I am a big girl myself. How do you think I know the things I do? I’m not going to sit here and go down my medical list as to why and so on, it is what it…
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Monty’s Submarines Serves Roach in Soup

On April 14th, 2012, I made my weekly trip to my favorite sub shop. Despite previous issues as mentioned in the video and after a 5 year break I regretfully returned. Needless to say I am DONE. This video was originally posted to YouTube on the night it happened. Less than 24 hours later I receive an email from the owner asking me to “pull this from YouTube until we discuss this?” Alright fine, I reluctantly pulled it even though I did not want to. I’m sorry but in all my years of dining out I have NEVER come across a roach in my food!! It is greatly disturbing. Roaches carry germs attached to their body that can transfer to food contact surfaces (utensils, plates) during the normal course of roach activities. These include disease-causing bacteria: Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli, Streptococcus (pneumonia), several helminths (hookwoorm, pinworms, tapeworms), and even viruses (poliomyelitis). If this hasn’t convinced…
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Kaos Softwear Earskins

Last July I bought my 1st pair of Kaos Softwear Silicone Earskins in black. I was extremely impressed when I received my order. The earskins are so lightweight and comfortable that it’s really like wearing nothing at all. Even though it was hard to restrain my excitement it was only responsible to give this product some wear time to see what I might possibly be promoting. It has been 9 months since my initial introduction to Kaos Softwear Earskins and I am just as impressed as the day I bought them. 1. Minimal ear residue build up. We all have it, and it sucks. Since switching to these earlets the “stinky ear syndome” has been reduced to none. At most I’ve experienced a slight film that is easily wiped off. 2. Tired and/or worn ears will love you for wearing these since they are seemingly weightless. 3. Metal jewelry tends to split or chap my…
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