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Kaos Softwear Earskins

Kaos Softwear

Last July I bought my 1st pair of Kaos Softwear Silicone Earskins in black. I was extremely impressed when I received my order. The earskins are so lightweight and comfortable that it’s really like wearing nothing at all. Even though it was hard to restrain my excitement it was only responsible to give this product some wear time to see what I might possibly be promoting. It has been 9 months since my initial introduction to Kaos Softwear Earskins and I am just as impressed as the day I bought them.

1. Minimal ear residue build up. We all have it, and it sucks. Since switching to these earlets the “stinky ear syndome” has been reduced to none. At most I’ve experienced a slight film that is easily wiped off.

2. Tired and/or worn ears will love you for wearing these since they are seemingly weightless.

3. Metal jewelry tends to split or chap my lobes in the winter, the silicone does not.

4. You don’t have to give up your shiny metal ear pieces in the winter, the silicone earskins will slip right over your earlets. Think of it as a rubber for your lobe.

5. No more adjusting your head on your pillow at night. The earskins are pliable so your lobes are able to bend and smoosh as you sleep.

6. They generally stay put and without any 0 rings involved.

Important Note:
Silicone may absorb what it comes in contact with. I would highly advise removing them in particular situations such as hair color or bleaching sessions just to be safe.

For more information on care and wear visit: Kaos Softwear

I personally do my ordering from Painful Pleasures, their prices are extremely reasonable and the staff is great!

Happy Stretching!

Vain Jayne

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