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Elegant Decay Collection, Butterfly Pendant Prototypes

Prototypes of things to come. Keep an eye out on #butterfly #butterflywings #butterflypendant #pendant #ooak #butterflyjewelry #art #jewelery #vainjayne #monarchbutterfly #paintedlady #paintedladies #elegantdecay

John R. Brinkley, Goat Testicle Doctor

Has your male organ been feeling sluggish as of late? Perhaps you need some implanted goat testicles. I’m sure back in the day “Doctor” John R. Brinkley could pencil you in for the procedure. Check out his story below. John Romulus Brinkley (later John Richard Brinkley; July 8, 1885 – May 26, 1942) was a controversial American who fraudulently claimed to be a medical doctor (he had no legitimate medical education and bought his medical degree from a “diploma mill”) who became known as the “goat-gland doctor” after he achieved national fame, international notoriety and great wealth through the xenotransplantation of goat testicles into humans. – Source: Wikipedia Briefing Documentary

Graveyard Dirt, Hoodoo Rootwork Tradition

Over the past year now I have been collecting “oddities” on a regular basis. One of my newest additions is “bought” graveyard dirt. Although I do not practice “spells” or “magick”, I think of it as a sign of protection considering the grave I chose. Read on for more information and history on the subject. Graveyard dirt is used in African American Hoodoo rootwork. The magical connection of the dirt is more significant than just being from a grave, what’s more important is the person who’s inside the grave. Dirt from the grave of someone you loved could be used in love magic, while dirt from the burial site of a very wicked person might be incorporated into malevolent workings or curses. In other words, the dirt from the grave is a physical object that corresponds with the traits of the person buried beneath it. RITUAL COLLECTION OF GRAVEYARD DIRT Methods by which one pays…
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Victorian Mourning Locket – Elegant Decay by Vain Jayne

Victorian inspired Mourning/Life Celebration Locket by Vain Jayne. For more info and photos of my artwork visit the art galleries: HERE A Tidbit of History Some of the most interesting examples of mourning jewelry included hairwork, which describes bracelets, necklaces, and rings made from woven human hair. The hair was not necessarily from the deceased—in the middle of the 19th century, 50 tons of human hair a year was imported into England for use by the country’s jewelers. To create a connection to a deceased loved one, their initials were often discreetly woven into the object. Lockets were also popular. Some contained a lock of the deceased person’s hair. Other lockets held a photo of the departed. The photo lockets were actually descendants of miniature portraits, which had been very popular early in the century and had historically been used in mourning jewelry to honor deceased monarchs. Carved cameos or silhouettes were another way to…
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Elegant Decay gives you Voodoo Rococo Yum!

Introducing two new pieces recently completed featuring some skull and bone sweetness. If you are interested in having a custom piece designed just for you, please contact me for details HERE Visit the the rest of my galleries HERE Lepus Du Jour Voodoo Child Enjoy! #art #elegantdecay

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