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Bowling Green State University
Interviewed By: Kimberly Dupps, City Editor, BG News
Date: 2001
Location: Bowling Green, Ohio

Q: Age?
A: 24
Q: Hometown/state?
A: Springfield, Illinois
Q: How many piercings do you have?
A: I have a total of 47 current piercings. (Current meaning that I have had more in the past.)
Q: and where?
A: 2 4ga Lobes

11 Lobe
6 Helix

2 Daith
2 Tragus
1 Industrial
2 Brow
2 Nostril
1 Septum
2 Jayne (or monroes)
1 Scrumper
1 6ga Tongue
2 Lip
2 Labret
2 Vertical Nipple
2 10ga Horizontal Nipple
4 Navel
1 Hood
Q: Do you have one piercer that you go to or a variety?
A: I have tried at least a dozen different piercers in my life…but now I stick with only one: myself!
Q: What was your first piercing?
A: My 1st piercing ever was my lobe, but the 1st “alternative” piercing I sought out was a nostril.
Q: Did it spur an addiction? (Mine first did).
A: It was weird at that time. I’m from a very little political city full of straight, tight-ass politicians and lawyers. It was in 1994, I went on a trip to St. Louis, and I visited a spot down there where I had never known that such a lifestyle existed. That was the 1st time I had ever seen a brow piercing and I absolutely fell in love with it. So I asked around and found a shop right down the street from where I was and got one myself. I just didn’t realize there were other things on your body that you could adorn by piercing except your ears, you just didn’t see it where I was from. But in answer to your question, it did become an “addiction” so to speak. It has changed my entire life!
Q: Have you used any other forms of body modification such as branding, tattooing? Why or why not?
A: Branding no. Scarification, I tried once but it just didn’t appeal to me personally. Tattooing, that’s another “addiction” of mine. I got my 1st tattoo when I was 16, and now I currently have 25. And I still can’t quite decide on the whole subject of implants, although I have been thinking about it. I do also have veneer fangs.
Q: If so, what are they and when did you get them?
01. 1st tattoo: a little red rose. I got it in 1992, when I was 16.
02. 2nd: a little moth. I got it in 1993, when I was 17.
03. 3rd: a blue rose. I got it in 1994, when I was 18.
04. 4th: an abstract sun. I got it in 1994, 18.

05. 5th: Tribal Whale. In 1995, at 19 years.

06. 6th: Independent Cross. In 1996, at 20 years.

07. 7th: Swirl. In 1996, at 20 years.

08. 8th: Tribal Dragon. In 1996, at 20 years.

09. 9th: Hindu Love Charm. In 1996, at 20 years.

10. 10th: Bouquet of Roses. In 1996, at 20 years.

11. 11th: Portrait Sun. In 1997, at 21 years.

12. 12th: Tribal Shield. In 1997, at 20 years.

13. 13th: Freedom Symbol. In 1997, at 20 years.

14. 14th: Barbedwire. In 1997, at 21 years.

15. 15th: Dancing Skeleton. In 1997, at 21 years.

16. 16th: Butterfly. In 1997, at 21 years.

17. 17th: Lotus. In 1998, at 21 years.

18. 18th: Chinese symbol for strength. In 1998, at 21 years.

19. 19th: Large Foo Dog. In 1998, at 22 years.

20. 20th: Chinese symbol for Dragon. In 1998, at 22 years.

21. 21st: Dragon. In 1998, at 22 years.

22. 22nd: Siva. In 1998, at 22 years.

23. 23rd: Baby Foo Dog. In 1999, at 23 years.

24. 24th: “Om” symbol. In 1999, at 23 years.

25. 25th: Sanskrit. In 1999, at 23 years.

26. 26th: A praying Indian Buddha. In 1999, at 23 years.

Q: Have you had any problems (infection, migration) from the piercings or other forms of body modificiation?
A: I am a professional body piercer…I have seen things on others in result of neglectful procedure, dirty conditions, ill placement, and just an over all lack of knowledge as to what they’re doing. There is always a possibility for any piercing to reject, most likely due to ill placement on the body piercers’ part. Also, the body tends to reject every piercing you put in somewhat. That’s why it is so important on placement. I’ve also seen very bad scars either from a neglectful piercer, or from a neglectful owner!

The main thing I try to express to my customers (and myself at times), is that you should take it slow with your piercings. There is such a thing as being able to over do a piercing project with various piercings in the same location all at once. I myself suffered from 3 navel piercings I did all at once on the same night. Due to too much stress on my immune system, I delveloped a rather painful absess in that area that took many months of extreme care and patience to heal. Thankfully the piercing healed and remains today.

Kim: Do you see a trend coming in “extreme body modification?” Why or why not?
A: I really don’t see a “major” trend in body modification, at least not yet. Within 5 to 10 years I can almost guarantee that you and I alike will know more people willing to open themselves up for such an experience. Some people get pierced for the wrong reasons. I have 14 year olds come into my shop asking for a navel piercing. When they walk out, I highly doubt that that piercing will survive for more than a month after they discover that it was not “so cool” and “easy” to get a “simple” navel piercing, it requires effort and time.

Others come into my shop starting off with something like a navel or nostril, but then after awhile it becomes who they are and they begin they’re journey into modification. Everyone has their own reason for their modifications, some can’t handle it, while others before the additions looked as if they were faceless in a faceless world until they found themselves within this “whole new

When I first began piercing, I originally believed that if I didn’t think that person deserved such a modification I would refuse to work on them. I simply did not want people making this art form so mainstream and fad like.

But now after a few years of being open, I have completely changed my outlook. I try to pierce as many people as I can. I suddenly woke up and realized that many of my friends would soon be able to get jobs with their piercings if mostly everyone you came across had something pierced. Then these shut minded people would have to hire these people, they need employees to survive. Now after 4 short years of my business being open, I have seen a positive change on the general publics’ outlook on pierced and modded people. Things are starting to ease up a bit.

Q: Why do you think people are turning to body modification?
A: Like I said before, everyone has their reasons. Mine personally are for spiritual and heritage reasons, gathered by a divine fetish for the love of body adornment. I have been approached by so many religious people asking how could I mutilate my body like that? Don’t you know that the bible says that your body is the holy temple for Christ? And I simply answer them as I always do when these questions arise: I’ve simply chosen to decorate my temple.
Vain Jayne
Urban Décor
Springfield, Illinois

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