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Regina Highschool

Regina Highschool
Interviewed By: Nikki Baldwin
Location: Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada
Date: 2001
Q: Do you have to go to a university? If not, is there any special kind of training that is required?
A: The sad thing of today’s tattoo and piercing shops is that anyone can go start a shop tomorrow without having any prior knowledge. It’s that unregulated in the U.S. While I am not implying that the government should stick their noses into something they obviously have no intention of knowing or caring about…but will open handedly take our money for taxes, shops should be more regulated for obvious sterilization and health conditions.
To approach this profession/art with the respect that it deserves, one should take up an apprenticeship under a piercer that is willing to take the time and has a real talent and passion for the art with a flawless reputation. It usually takes anywhere from 1 to 2 years to be an apprentice, but depending on the talent of the apprentice and the knowledge of the artist it could take less time than that.
Most people do not realize that with body modification specifically body piercing, that it involves more than just, “sticking a hole in someone”. A good piercer has to know how and where to pierce for health reasons, and also know how to place the piercings to where they flatter the part to be pierced. People don’t realize how important placement is and that is what separates a “piercer” from an artist.
Q: Give me a description about the job.
A: The only thing that compares to the satisfaction I get out of Body Modification is touring with my band the She-Devils. When I’m piercing it gives a sense of self assurance, pride, and providing each and every person support through their Rytes of Passage whatever that may be to them.
Even when the band has made it’s last cd, I will always have my abilities with body piercing and maybe perhaps someday I will pursue the art of subdermal and transdermal implants, suspension, and tattooing.
Q: Can you go up the ladder? How far?
A: You should set your goals for yourself, or you will find yourself involved within a clique of attitudes in the business. Someone will always be there claiming to be the “Best” in the business. Everyone has their own goals though and should follow through to the point of what they see as satisfactory and fulfilling for themselves providing that their decision keeps the best interests of the client at hand.
I think the greatest move you can make is to open shop after a good apprenticeship and provide each and every client with the best knowledge there is involving the procedure following all the way through to an effective aftercare regiment. A good site to learn about sterilization and the standards of which piercings should be carried out is the A.P.P. (Association of Professional Piercers).
Q: How much money can you make in a year?
A: This is a tricky question because it has alot to do with reputation and location. In the bigger cities the market is completely saturated with people in this trade and the piercings become cheaper. In a small town, there are not too many that are open-minded enough to go through such a “barbaric” and “mutilating” thing. So you really need to find a good shop or open your own to work out of. Another consideration is what you’re charging for the procedures. With my prices and customers I can easily make enough to support myself.
Q: What are some pros for being a body piercer?
A: There are so many I couldn’t even begin to fit all the pros into this interview. I would say my main love of this profession is being able to open people’s minds and imaginations and erasing the ignorance that society has on Body Mods. I love being able to provide safe, sterile, and fun piercings to those who truly seek out a professional.
Q: What are some cons for being a body piercer?
A: There are very serious consequences to deal with in legalities such as piercing minors and the whole waiver issue.
I would say the worst thing is the potential of getting poked by a used needle, the exposure to bodily fluids, etc. You really increase your chances of transmitting a disease when working under these conditions.
Q: How old do you have to be to legally pierce?
A: I do believe it varies state to state but to be covered by insurance you should be 18.
Q: Additional comments?
A: I began my journey into body modification for spiritual and heritage reasons, gathered by a divine fetish for the love of body adornment. I have been approached by so many religious people asking how could I mutilate my body like that? Don’t you know that the bible says that your body is the holy temple for Christ? And I simply answer them as I always do when these questions arise: I’ve simply chosen to decorate my temple.
Through body modification I found my soul, my heart, my passion, my life, and most importantly myself.
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