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Interviewed By: Damien
Date: August 2001
Thy Name in Vain

Have you ever felt that the body piercing scene in your locale may not be living up to its potential? Well, that’s exactly what sparked this month’s Featured Piercer — Vain Jayne — to take action and prevent ‘piercing’s’ name from being taken in vain. Not only has Jayne provided a great example for other piercers, she is also a very passionate musician. This multitalented piercer has posted some great work in Tribalectic’s Picture Gallery and contributed some of her knowledge to others interested in piercing. She is surely going to be a leader in the body piercing community as her young career continues …

Q: Jayne, at what shops have you worked?

A: I have owned and operated Urban Decor since I first began piercing in 1996.

Q: How did you get into piercing, and why?

A: I began collecting piercings in 1994. I luckily experienced a good piercer in St. Louis, and once upon returning to my hometown I had been scarred beyond repair. I got so sick of seeing these “professional” piercers in my local area totally butchering people due to their own lack of knowledge and thus making the whole experience appear to be horrible, i.e.: scarring, rejection, infection, dirty needles, etc… Naturally this gave the industry a terrible appearance to the concerned parents and friends of those who have unfortunately undergone the massive negligence of these local shops.

So sick of what I had endured alone, I decided to bring Springfield something it never had: a good piercer. I have been running shop since 1996 now, and every customer has been both completely satisfied and surprised at what is really possible for a good outcome for a piercing.

Q: What is your favorite piercing to perform and why?

A: I would have to say the Industrial. I think everyone should have an Industrial, they just look hot.

Q: Of the piercings you have, which is your favorite? Why?

A: I currently have 47 piercings total so this is a hard question…I would say it’s between my labret and my recently loved addition: my scrumper.

The labret, when done right, is absolutely beautiful on the face. If done correctly it should accent the persons face. Every piercing should accent the part it’s being inserted into, that’s a big problem locally. There are ALOT of crooked piercings coming out of these shops and/or the jewelry just wasn’t placed correctly to flatter the area.

Q: What is the craziest or funniest piercing story in your arsenal?

A: This is a sick one…heheh. It would have to be when a friend of a referral came and requested I pierce his scrotum.

I asked permission to film this event and it was granted so all was good to go. I had my assistant/husband Michael Devious, film the procedure. It was quick and nearly painless and all went well, however when I asked for a close-up shot on video of my work the guy became so nervous that his nuts started to bounce up and down! This footage will be available soon actually for all to see on Hellfinger’s music video relase.

Q: Jayne, what is the most important thing in your life besides piercing?

A: My music. I provide vocals and lead guitars for the She-Devils ( and we’re currently writing all new material and will appearing in Hellfinger around September 2001 (

Q: What are a few of your other major interests?

A: This would have to be my spirituality, my husband, mother and my animals.

Q: Who are your favorite piercers and why?

A: Lloyd of Cheap Tricks in St. Louis, Mo. He was the first to show me what a real piercing is. And, Muppetchuck, formerly of West End Tattoos in St. Louis, Mo. He is the ONLY person as of yet that has healed a surface piercing to perfection!

Q: What are your favorite types of jewelry?

A: Definately 100 percent Surgical Stainless Steel. There’s this big European phase right now about how terrible S.S.S. is and that we should only be allowed use of Titanium made products due to it having less nickel content in the metal. I have been at this profession a few years now and I insist only upon using S.S.S. as I have had such wonderful responses! I’ve seen terrible results in using Gold and Silver due to these substances being magnets for dirt. And only when a customer requests, or it is a know fact that they are completely sensitive to any metal will I resort to Titanium.

Q: Is there any additional information that you’d like to share with the Tribalectic Community?

A: Please feel free to visit my home site at:

Thank you.

If you’d like to experience a true professional piercing experience while your in the Springfield area, please check out Urban Décor by calling (217)788-0994 or checking out for directions.

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